The percutaneous injection of ethanol (PEI) in liver tumours leads to necrosis of the neoplasia .

The homogeneous diffusion of ethanol inside the tumour is fundamental in achieving a complete necrosis: the wide side ports follow a spiral path on the cannula for an even improved diffusion of the ethanol.

The size range allows the choice of gauge (20-21-22G), centimetre length (9-15-20 cm)
and length of perforated tract (4-12-20 mm).

PIA® is available both with closed (PIA®-B) and open (PIA®-A) point for capsulated tumours.

PIA® is provided with an inner obturator to render the needle stiffer during penetration and allow emptying of alcohol before withdrawing the needle.

Sliding stopper facilitates accurate depth placement.

Comfort plate and needle to syringe connecting line included.

Colour coded, for easier needle size (gauge) determination.