Disposable TruCut -Type Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle

BIO-CUT® is the standard guillotine-type biopsy needle used for biopsy on prostate, kidney, liver, etc.

BIO-CUT® has been designed to obtain plentiful and perfect histological samples by a simple, quick and low traumatic procedure.

The tissue strip, cut by the razor sharpened edge of cannula, is taken off from the stylet exactly as it was in the organ, without tearing or lacerations.

This working principle gives perfect sampling on a range of organs: liver, spleen, kidney, prostate, breast, lymph-nodes, etc. , even when traditional methods fail.

The bioptic manoeuvre with BIO-CUT® can be performed in semiautomatic way by the use of AUTO-SHOT® reusable gun.