Automated Cytologic Breast Biopsy

It has been demonstrated that the increase in the survival rate of tumors with respect to the past is due largely to early diagnosis made possible following the improvement of diagnostic methods such as mammography, US, CT scanning, PET and cytodiagnosis.

The detection of increasingly smaller lesions and the progressively more widespread examinations have induced the clinicians to search for increasingly more reliable yet simple cytobioptic methods for routine cabinet use.

In addition to the methods so far used (cytological needle, cutting needle), each with its individual advantages, must be added today the system CYTOMAT®: a suction pump of high efficiency connected to a needle by a flexible plastic set.

The pump-needle system which is thus created gather for the first time all of the advantages of the various methods used so far to date with the addition of diagnosis performances as yet unavailable together with extreme ease of use.

Features include:

  • Full liberty in needle manipulation: increased sensitivity in crossing tissue, needling and hitting the nodule
  • High suction power (adjustable from 0 to 0.9 bar)
  • Recover of all cells captured (continous flow)
  • Proven fall of inadequacies
  • Freedom in the procedure
  • Effective also for emptying large cistis
  • Ease of use
  • Low need for maintenance