Liquid Marker for Preoperative Breast Localisation

The importance of accurate preoperative localization of mammographically detected lesions has been proved.

There are several mammographically guided methods, all with their advocates. 
A survey of localization methods that are currently in use revealed that mostly a needle and wire
system is used, while a dye alone, commonly methylene blue, is used in 8% of cases.

Wire dislogement and widespread diffusion of the liquid marker into surrounding tissue are well known disadvantages connected with the above methods The need for a stable marker has been pursued through a special biocompatible charcoal powder suspension specifi cally treated for this purpose.

CARBO-REP® is available in pre-filled 2 ml vials, easy to inject into the chosen site to mark the path to the lesion for the surgeon.

One more interesting advocate of CARBO-REP® is the possibility to indicate the exact location of the site of initial biopsy in instance of the subsequent development of a mammographically occult cancer in proximity to the initial biopsy site.