MULTI-CORE® is the latest single use biopsy device, manufactured by STERYLAB, which performs the entire biopsy manoeuvre quickly, fully automatic, with precision.

Versatile, simple to use and reliable, with unique ergonomics for cocking and firing, it represents the “state of the art” among automatic biopsy instruments, to date.

Spring loaded stylet and cannula harvest diagnostic quality specimens with minimal tissue displacement or needle deflection.

MULTI-CORE® can be easily operated with one hand, making it ideal for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance.

The needle, made from the echo reflecting metal alloy ECHONOX®, is entirely visible for its whole length under ultrasound guidance and the procedure is free from any risk for malignant cells seeding.

MULTI-CORE® is also available with the exclusive TOP-CORE® notch geometry feature, which delivers tissue cores up to 50% larger than standard competitive needles).

MULTI-CORE® is also available as specific set for CT scanning as well as with detachable cannula for single-access procedures.